Teen Girls and Abuse

Teenage girls are often times in abusive relationships and don't even know it. The most recognizable form of abuse is physical, but emotional abuse happens far more than we think. Emotional abuse leaves the abused person feeling like their life is worthless, and they deserve the treatment they are getting. If you are a teen and you think you're being emotional abused but don't know the signs, here's a list of behavior that is considered emotional abuse:

           *  Criticism and insults. If your boyfriend  always has negative things to say to
               you, then he's verbally and  emotionally abusing you.
               If he criticizes your every move that's also a form of abuse.

           *  He tells you what to wear and where you can go. If your boyfriend tells you
              what you can and can't wear, he's emotionally abusing you and controlling
              your life.

           *  Your boyfriend acts jealous. When you go out with your friends, and your
               boyfriend constantly calls to check on you because he's jealous, your being
               emotionally abused.

           *  He tells you he'll hurt you if you leave. If your boyfriend threatens to hurt you if
               you leave him, or doesn't do what he says, that's a abuse.

           *  You can't express yourself. If you feel that whenever you tell your boyfriend
               how you feel about the relationship, and he ignores you or acts like he's not
               interested, your being emotionally abused.

           *  He'll break-up with you if you don't have sex. If your boyfriend threatens to
              break-up with you simply because you won't have sex with him, he's
              emotionally abusing you.

           *  He tells you, you're nothing without him. If your boyfriend tells you that you're
              a nobody without him, he's putting the concept in your mind that your life is
              over if he's not around, and that's a form of emotional abuse.

          *  He looks at you in a way that scares you. If your boyfriend looks at you a
              certain way that scares you, he's trying to put in your mind that you better
              watch what you say or act, or else he'll hurt you.

          *  He pushes, shoves, pinches, punches or does anything that hurts you in any

The most important thing to know is, if you are being  abused, that it's not your fault for their actions. If you recognize any of these signs, you don't deserve it, and you need to get out of that relationship fast.
If you feel like you need to talk to somebody about it, tell someone you trust, like a relative or close friend. You can also call teen abusive hotlines if you don't have anyone to talk to. If you are scared to break-up with the person face to face, tell them over the phone, and if he threatens you, call 911 for help.

Love is respect not abuse.                   You do not have to put up with an abuser!                                                                                                                                                Teen Abuse Hotline                        

 National Abuse Hotline

        Abuse is Always Wrong!
We are all made in the image of God,
  No one has the right to abuse the image
of God.