Abuse is Always Wrong!

                                              Parental Alienation     

Parental alienation is a type of emotional and psychological
abuse by a batterer towards his victim involving the systematic
brainwashing and manipulation of his children with the sole purpose
of destroying the loving and warm relationship they once shared with
their mother. This is done through the denigration, lies and undermining of the mother to her children; oftentimes without her knowledge. The batterer who uses alienation tactics to hurt the mother of his children has put his own hatred, anger and motives before this own child's emotional and mental health. In effect, he is treating his children as nothing more than possessions, and ammunition to hurt his victim.
Also known as hostile aggressive parenting, parental alienation deprives children of their right to be loved by and to show love for both parents.
Parental alienation is emotionally and psychologically abusive towards children and their mothers.

     Some early signs of Parental Alienation:
           • Children perceive one parent as causing financial problems of the other parent
           • Children appear to have knowledge of details relating to the legal aspects of
              the divorce or separation
           • Children show sudden negative change in their attitude toward parent/guardian
           • Children appear uneasy around target parent - they resort to "one word"
              answers and fail to engage openly in conversations as they did previously
           • Children are uncharacteristically rude and/or belligerent to target parent
           • Access time is not occurring as agreed upon or court ordered - visitation is
             being unilaterally cut back by the other parent
           • Hostile Aggressive Parent (HAP) parent undermines the other parent or
             speaks disparagingly about the other parent in the presence of the children
           • HAP parent starts making reference to other parent as being abusive and a
              risk to the children with no apparent good reason
           • Allowing children to choose whether or not to visit a parent, even though the
             court has not empowered the parent or children to make that choice
           • Telling the children about why the marriage failed and giving them the details
              about the divorce or separation settlement
           • Refusing the other parent access to medical and school records or schedules
             of extracurricular activities
           • Blaming the other parent for not having enough money, changes in lifestyle,
             or other problems in the children's presence
           • Rigid enforcement of the visitation schedule for no good reason other than
             getting back at the other parent
           • False allegations of sexual abuse, drug and alcohol use or other illegal
             activities by the other parent
           • Asks the children to choose one parent over the other
           • Reminding the children that the children have good reason to feel angry toward
             their other parent
           • Setting up temptations that interfere with visitation
           • Giving the children the impression that having a good time on a visit will hurt
              the parent
           • Asking the children about the other parent's personal life
           • 'Rescuing' the children from the other parent when there is no danger.

Simply put, the parents engaging in such behavior are un-fit, abusive parents, putting their own emotional needs before those of their children.

Parental Alienation is WRONG!

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