Legal Domestic Abuse

Legal Domestic Abuse
is when a batterer takes his abuse against a woman into the court room.
The abuser will use his lies, his lawyer and the mental health professionals to make her look like she is the one who is crazy and abusive. This kind of abuse takes a woman off guard at the time she is relying on the legal system to help her get free of him. This is a very real threat to women and her children as she may loose custody of them to the abuser. It happens all the time. Please learn all you can about legal domestic abuse so that you will not be his victim again in this trap. You must be prepared for this kind of abuse. Click on the links below to immediately access e-books that will prepare you for this legal attack. This is very important. Learn about Legal Domestic Abuse and how to avoid it. It will save you a lifetime of pain and sorrow.
Representing Yourself in Court

Representing yourself in court may be the only way that you will be able to defend yourself against the abuser's legal attack. You may find yourself unable to afford a lawyer or that you cannot find one that you can trust . You have the legal right to represent yourself and it may actually be to your advantage. But you must learn how to it properly in the legal system. This is something that you can do! Your abusive spouse and his lawyer will be expecting you to know nothing, and will certainly take advantage of their presumptions.
Jurisdictionary is designed to teach you how to do this. You will l
earn what you need to know from an experienced lawyer.  Anyone can learn what a lot of lawyers don't want you to know.  Representing yourself in court may be your only hope for seeking justice. Learn all you can. It is the most valuable resource that you've got.                                              
                                                                    Child Custody

Child custody battles are very common for women seeking relief from an abusive spouse. When a batterer finds himself losing control, he will, many times, continue his vengeance by attempting to get custody of the children. You must be prepared for this abusive legal tactic!! You cannot go into this battle unprepared
if you plan on winning. Learn all you can to be prepared to win your child's custody. Leave no rock unturned. Remember, child custody is a battle that you cannot afford to lose.
         Abuse is Always Wrong!
We are all made in the image of God,

  No one has the right to abuse the image
of God.