Faith and Abuse

Abuse is Always Wrong!
Domestic abuse can and does happen to Christian women.
Often times a woman, who discovers that she is in an abusive
relationship, was married  before she became a Christian. She
may have been young or pregnant or was lured by the abuser's
manipulation tactics. She could have easily been a Christian but was taken by him, unaware of his true nature. Whatever the case may be, abuse by anyone who calls himself a Christian or not, is always wrong.

Women from all religious backgrounds and beliefs suffer in abusive relationships. Any belief system that allows for the abuse of women is wrong. Any person who claims to be a follower of God and perpetrates abuse against women is wrong.

Some church-going men, including pastors, church leaders and religious zealots are abusers and their battering often takes the form of spiritual abuse. 

Spiritual abuse :
  • The misuse of Scripture and Biblical teachings to justify  abuse.
  • A woman is told or lead to believe that she is less than or not as important as a man.
  • She may be told that she is not a good Christian and that God does not care.
  • The abusing man will say she is abused because she is not submissive enough   ( this all based on his own warped definition of submission, not God's).
  • His use of the Bible to justify his abusive treatment interferes with her ability to worship God and/or her relationship with the Lord.
  •  With children, the Scripture or Biblical teachings are used to degrade, punish or justify cruel or excessive discipline. 

Maybe you have known the fear and despair of living in an abusive relationship; the anxiety of never knowing when something you say or do will trigger the scorching verbal vomit or violence within him. You are afraid to confide in anyone else because he has warned you not to tell anyone what goes on inside the four walls of your home.
You are afraid that even if you did go to your pastor or a counselor, they would not believe you because your husband is a smooth talker who can make you sound like a fool, or he may be a respected leader in the church.

If you are being victimized by abuse, it is not your fault! Only the abuser is responsible for his abusive acts. You cannot be good enough to make it stop. God cares about you and does not want you to suffer harm.

Abuse in any form is NEVER God's design for relationships.

We are all made in the image of God, every man, woman and child, and
no one has the right to abuse the image of God… NO ONE!

The Lord is a
refuge for the oppressed,
a stronghold in
times of trouble. Psalm 9:9