Financial or Economic Abuse

Financial and Economic abuse is a type of domestic violence
in which the abuser uses money as a means to
gain power and
dominance over his victim.

  • A woman who is abused in this way will ask the abusive man for money and he may deny her or give her money that is not sufficient enough to buy or purchase everything that she needs for the family.She may have to beg him for everyday necessities such as food, health care items (medicines), diapers or bills. The money he does give will generally have to be accounted for.
  • A financially abusive man will prevent a woman from being employed causing her to be totally dependant on him. If the abusive man allows his partner to work, she has to give all her earnings to him.
  • In many cases the abuser will put all the bills in their partner's name and at the same time the abuser will not allow his or her partner to see the bank statements, bills or any other money transaction that may happen.
  • Many financial and economic abusers are not good with money and he will end up destroying the credit of his partner.
  • Some domestic abusers who are not good with money may force his or her partner to do illegal acts for money. There are also abusers who will use any money brought in for children through welfare, child support checks or monetary gifts on themselves.
  • The abuser who refuses to work will put the entire burden upon their partners to keep the household running. And the money which is brought in by the working victim is mishandled and used in wrong ways. In many cases, if the household item or bills fall behind the abuser blames the victim.
                                If you are a victim of domestic financial abuse
                                help is available.Learn as much as you can
                                about abuse and what you can do about it.
                                Abuse is Always Wrong!

Abuse is Always Wrong!
We are all made in the image of God,
  No one has the right to abuse the image
of God.