Abusive Personalities

       Traits common in the abusive personality:
  •  Uncontrolled temper.
  •  Extreme Jealousy.
  •  Intense fear of abandonment.
  •  An alcoholic background involving physical, emotional, sexual abuse or abandonment.
  •  Unrealistic expectations of a relationship. (To "fix" them or solve their problems.)
  •  Isolation and antisocial temperament. 
  •  Recklessness. (dangerous sexual behavior, reckless driving, drug use etc.)
  •  Inability to accept responsibility for his behavior, even in the face of dire consequences.
  •  Cruelty to children / animals.
  •  Threats of violence.
  •   Low self-esteem, shame.
  •   Codependent personality disorder and / or Love addiction.
  •   Inability to respect interpersonal boundaries, a compulsion to violate boundaries.
  •   Drug or Alcohol Dependence, self medication.
  •   Emotional volatility - fear of being "out of control".
  •   Need for power and control to compensate for the above.
  •   Abuse generally escalates when the partner leaves.
  •   Personality Disorders of some abusers:

                       Antisocial Personality Disorder

Borderline  Personality Disorder
Bipolar Disorder
Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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